Xerox Alto

Apple did NOT invent the Graphic User Interface (GUI)

While working for Xerox Special Programs Group in El Segundo California I had the privledge of working on developing the first computer that used a mouse driven graphic user interface, the Xerox Alto. The Xerox Alto was designed to be a relatively small, yet powerful, personal office computer with the ability to present information graphically, and to easily share information. They were also designed to utilize laser printers that were also under development at Xerox.

Xerox Alto Computer System

The first Alto was completed in 1973. The hardware of the Alto machines consisted of:

My part in the development of the Alto was not large (I developed the memory sub-system for the Alto II and the associared diagnostics) but working with the Alto a gave me an early understanding of where the computer industry was going and helped me choose a direction for my career.