Quest NPCs

NPC History Description Implementation
Alchemist Added in "Field Guide 1st Edition". A learned scientest who practices the dangerious art of transmutation. He lives far away from human habitation where his experiments are less likely to harm others. The alchemist was provided with chemicals to do an assortment of impresive chemical reactions including turning iron into copper (a single ion exchange reaction).
Begger In quest from begining. A foul-mouthed hunchback always begging for enough money for his next drink. Can be a good source of rumors. The begger would provided some clues about the quest, for a small payment in quest coin or food.
Crone In quest from begining. Once a midwife, cast out of the village for aborting more pregnancies then delivering children. Some claim that she can see the future, cure wounds, and lay curses. The crone could provided clues about the quest and cured wounds, for a payment in quest coin.
Gypsies Added in "Field Guide 1st Edition". Chaotic, thieving, but often useful. Gypsies can see the future, for a price. Gypsies have sometimes been known to have magic swords or other magic items for sale. Beware of getting on their bad side because they are capable of casting curses. Like the crone, the Gypsies could provide clues about the quest. But they were also likely to steal anything that a quest party was careless enough to leave around unguarded.
High Wizard In quest from begining. A magic user of some note. Can conjure almost anything and reincarnate the dead, if you can pay his price. Parties without a cleric had to come to the high wizard for resurrection. Parties also had to come to him to get magic items needed to complete the quest.
Inn Keeper In quest from begining. A not entirely honest man. Can be bribed for information about the Quest and about other groups in the quest. When he has no information, he tends to invent some. The job of the inn keeper was to cook and serve food and drink. He never had real information about the quest, but kept his eye on other parties and would try to sell that information.
Local Bishop In quest from begining. A very powerful claric. It has been said that he can lift curses and even raise the dead (it he thinks it is in the interest of the church). The local bishop provided resurrection to members of parties that included a cleric. If a party did not have a cleric, they would have to go to the high wizard and pay his price for resurrection.
Outlaws Part of the original Quest. Not in of any Field Guide. A small band of individuals at odds with the law. Some say that they rob from the ritch and give to the poor, and others say that they just rob. Either way, all admit that they know more of what goes on in the woods than anyone else. In the first version of the quest when fighting used SCA rules and weapons, the outlaws were the only people that could fight players. Once fighting shifted to foam weapons, the outlaws were dropped from the game.