Three Headed Bird

The first step in making this dish needs to take place before the dish is cooked. Sculpt or construct, out of food safe materials, a fantasy head (three birds heads coming out of a single neck that can be put in front of the bird when it is served).
  1. Grate the bread.
  2. Mix with the salt and parsley.
  3. Rub the inside of the Cornish hen with coarsesalt mixture.
  4. Stuff the hen with the bread mixture.
  5. Shell the hard cooked egg and press it into the center of the stuffing.
  6. Mix some of the coarse salt with the sage.
  7. Rub the inside of the chicken with the coarse salt mixture.
  8. Shove the Cornish hen inside the chicken.
  9. Mix some of the coarse salt with the rosemary.
  10. Rub the inside of the turkey with the coarse salt mixture.
  11. Shove the chicken inside the turkey.
  12. Melt the butter.
  13. Saturate the muslin with butter.
  14. Place bird on a wire grate in a roasting pan.
  15. Cover the bird with the butter soaked muslin.
  16. Bake as you would a stuffed turkey.
  17. When done, remove and discard muslin, place bird on serving platter, put head into place and present to the feast.

Shoving the chicken inside the turkey is easier said than done. Best done with three people. One to hold the turkey, a second person to hold the legs of the turkey spread, and a third to shove the chicken in to place.