Pickled Tongue

Brining Ingredients
Cooking Ingredients
  1. Select plastic or glass jar (NOT metal) large enough to hold the tongue without crowding.
  2. Put all of the brine ingredients in the jar and add 2 cups of water.
  3. Mix until the salt is dissolved.
  4. Put the tongue into jar and add enough water to cover plus 1 inch.
  5. Remove the tongue and stir the brine until evenly mixed.
  6. Put the tongue back in the jar and put a clean drinking glass on top to keep the tongue under the brine.
  7. Refrigerate for 6 to 7 days, stirring the brine every day.
  8. Remove the tongue from brine, rinse and put into a large pot.
  9. Fill pot with enough water to cover the tongue plus 1 inch.
  10. Add pickling spice and garlic.
  11. Simmer for 2½ to 3 hours (until tender) adding water as required to keep tongue covered.
  12. Turn tongue every ½ hour so it cooks evenly.
  13. Remove from pot and let cool for ½ hour before peeling.
  14. Serve either hot or refrigerate for 24 hours to serve cold.
  15. Slice immediately before serving