Tiny Lemon Pies

My wife and I love the tiny lemon pies that they sell in Chinatown. I recently had some egg yolks left over (see "How to Make a Purple Cake") and so I decided to see if I could duplicate them. They came out anazingly well so I am sharing my recipe.

Crust Ingredients
Filling Ingredients
  1. Make pie crust according to directions on box.
  2. Roll out the pie crust thin and cut out rounds about ½″ larger (e.g. 2½″) then the diameter of the mini-muffins (typically 2½″).
  3. Press the rounds into the muffin openings in the mini-muffin tins. Put a few dried beans into eack to keep the bottom of the pie crust flat during baking.
  4. Bake until golden brown.
  5. Let cool. Remove the beans (save for use next time you need to keep the bottom of the pie crust flat during baking).
  6. Beat the egg yolks and set them aside.
  7. In a 2 quart sauce pan, mix the all of the filling ingredients except the egg yolks.
  8. Bring to a boil over low heat while whisking rapidly.
  9. Turn off heat.
  10. Add the cooked material a little at a time to the beaten eggs, while whisking rapidly.
  11. Pour the filling into the mini pie shells and bake at 375° until filling has set (7 to 12 minutes).
  12. Cool to room temperature.

Makes about 4 dozen.