Monster History Description Implementation
Added in "Field Guide 1st Edition". There are many types of demons. One of the greatest demons is the Demon of Darkness, Mnairgh. The demon Mnairgh is very dangerous and can not be harmed by normal weapons. In fact, the very touch of the demon, either directly, or indirectly through a weapon causes immediate and painful death. Mnairgh can also kill by spitting venom which the demon can do with great accuracy and over long distances. Costume created by my wife.
Part of the original Quest. Not in of any Field Guide. A powerful and dangerous creature. The dragon consisted of four SCA fighters roped together, a "head" fighing with shield and sword, two "pairs of legs" each fighting with two swords, and a "tail" fighting with a long weapon.
Added in "Field Guide 1st Edition". Dwarfs are short, sturdy, and frequently bad tempered. They have no love of hunans and will often attack for what appears to be little of no provocation. They are hard to kill, an it typically requires three or four blows to kill them, whereas it would take only a single blow to kill a human. Dwarfs were half way between monsters and NPCs. If the players were having too easy a time, the dwarf made things more challenging. If the players were having problems and getting frustrated, the dwarf grudgingly provided clues.
Added in "Field Guide 2nd Edition". Ghouls are loathsome undead creatures that feed primarilly on human flesh. They are often found around catacombs and graveyards. The touch of these hideous creatures causes instant paralysis that lasts until the ghoul is killed or driven off. Ghouls are very hard to distroy, often requiring five of six blows to kill them. Ghouls can usually be turned by a devout cleric strongly displaying his or her religious symbol. Costume consisted of full head undead, gloves with foot long finger extensions made of foam pipe insulation, a tattered tunic, and trues. Fought by failing around with hands trying to hit players with the foam finger extentions.
Added in "Field Guide 1st Edition", description expanded in "Field Guide 2nd Edition". Goblins are chaotically evil little creatures that live in swamps and other dismal ans deserted places. They are tricky and will often ambush a party from behind, using hit and run tactics. Although tricky, goblins are no harder to kill than humans and can be killed by a single well placed blow. Goblins were kids whose parents were players in the quest and did not want to play wood sprites. They fought with swords and daggers and had a great deal of fun doing it.
Green Slime
Added in "Field Guide 2nd Edition". Green slime is a discusting parasitic plant that is occasionally found in dark and damp places such as caverns and dungeons. Green slime infects any human or animal that is careless enough to come in direct contact with it. Once the insidious stuff touches flesh, the green slime quickly takes control of the victim's mind. The victum will then be compelled to run away and hide in a dark and deserted place where the slime can feed undisturbed. The infection can only be cured by a cleric, who takes a specially blessed cloth and gently wipes the affected area, while saying a blessing (see Cure Disease). Used in traps, applied to places where careless players might touch, or set to drip on players. Kept clerics busy curing disease.
Added in "Field Guide 3rd Edition". Orcs are ugly creatures with a temper to match. They are fierce fighters but have few other virtues and no scruples. Orcs often work as mercenaries or hired guards, serving anyone, even the Cult of the Dark. Orcs are hard to kill, often requiring three or four blows to kill them. A little makeup, some random pieces of plastic armor, and a "bad" attitude.
Spirit Warrior
Added in "Field Guide 1st Edition". Spirit Warriors are members of the Cult of Darkness that have given their lives in the sacrifice rituals to become the "fighting class" of the Cult. These ghostly shadows, when seen, often appear as empty suits of armor, or sometimes as robed and armed faceless wraiths. They always seem to be flickering just on the edge of reality, which make them formidable opponents, as one is never sure where--or what--they are fighting. The only rhing that is unmistakably real about a Spirir Warrior is the edge of their sword. This creature was one of the scariest creatures in the quest. The costume was a long robe with a hood and a piece of thin black fabric covering the face. The creature was in a pitch-dark room in the back of the dungeon. When players entered the room, a strobe light was triggered and the creature attacked.
3 Headed Bird 3 Headed Bird
Added in "Field Guide 1st Edition". The three headed bird is a rare beasty with special healing powers. This creature, when cooked just right, not only tastes delicious, but is also capable of healing wounds to the soul, and in some cases, actually restoring a missing soul. Never an actual character in a Quest, the three headed bird was aften served at a feast associated with the Quest.
Added in "Field Guide 3rd Edition". Vampires are powerful undead creatures that feed on human blood and lifeforce. The touch of a vampire causes theit victim to fall into a deep sleep from which they can only be aroused by the prayers of a devout cleric. Vampires are invulnerable to normal weapons and can only be harmed by magic weapons or direct sunlight. Vampires are very hard to kill, often requiring five or six blows with magic weapons to kill them. Vampires can often be held at bay by a very devout cleric strongly displaying his or her religious symbol. One year we made a full sized coffin for our Halloween dungeon (we turned our basement into a dungeon for Halloween each year, but that is a different story). The vampire stayed in the coffin until some player made the mistake or opening the coffin to look for treasure.
Added in "Field Guide 1st Edition", description expanded in "Field Guide 2nd Edition". Wareboars, ar veriety of lycanthrope, are men who have the uncontrollable power to transform into a wild boar. They are often seen in the halfway state, with the body of a man and the head of a boar. They almost always turn fully into a boar when the moon is full. Wareboars are often found in dence woodlands. They are fierce fighters, and have an ugly temper. They are fearless breasts, and quite likely they will attack even a relatively large party. They are hard to kill, and require six to eight blows that would kill a human. Costume consisted of full head boar mask, monster gloves with long claws, a loose tunic, trues, and boots. Typically fought with two swords. Like many other monsters took multiple plows to kill so we needed less cast than players.
Wood Sprite
Have been part of the Quests since the begining. Wood Sprites are magical little woodland folk, thought to be a cross between pixies and elves. They are mischievous, but usually harmless. It is considered bad luck to harm a wood sprite. Like goblins, Wood Sprite characters were kids whose parents were players in the quest. They wore Halloween type fairy wings and created havoc with "Pop Pop" snappers that made a loud when thrown on the ground (scare spell).
Yellow Mold
Added in "Field Guide 2nd Edition". Yellow mold is a poisonous fungus occasionally found underground in caverns and dungeons. It is bright yellow to yellow-brown in color and dusty in appearence. If disturbed it often exploads, filling the air with its deadly yellow spores. Amyone who inhales the spores instantly dies. Very effective in traps made out of mouse/rat traps.
Added in "Field Guide 2nd Edition". Zombies are undead creatures created from human corpses by high priests and priestesses of the Cult of the Dark. Zombies are hard to distroy, usually requiring three of four blows to kill them. They can usually be driven off by a cleric strongly displaying his or rer religious symbol. Zombies are often used by the Cult as guards and messengers. White face makeup, black around eyes, tattered clothes.