Beef Back Ribs

The "secret" to making great beef back ribs is starting with good ribs and preparing the meat properly before seasoning. Most supermarket ribs have most of the meat cut out (see Figures 1 and 1a) and are not worth cooking. Sometimes supermarket have "Fresh Beef Ribs" (see Figure 2), these are usually the ones cut off when making boneless rib roasts. Good beef ribs often come as partial racks and sometimes as individual ribs, the worthless ribs virtually always come a full racks.

Once you have good beef ribs, you need to prepared them properly:

Season the ribs by either:

Now that the ribs are ready to cook:

If you are serving beef ribs as the main dish, you will need about four ribs per person.

Unacceptable Beef Ribs

Detail of Unacceptable Beef Ribs Showing Missing Meat

Good Beef Ribs

Remove Membrane from Back of Ribs

Remove Tooth Breaker Bone from Top of Ribs